A long time ago I found some data on data.gov that detailed historical Coast Guard data. It had a lot of information ranging from pollution data to casualty information. Over time I prepped the data as best as I could, but I wasn’t sure what to actually do with it. Until now!

I decided to make a very simple Power BI Report using #PBICoreVisuals. I wanted to look at the casualty response data and tell something that maybe some folks may not think about when they think about the Coast Guard.

One of the things that the Coast Guard is responsible for often is responding to emergencies on the water. We all know that. But do we really know how often they do and what circumstances they face?

The below viz is very basic, but I think it gets what I was trying to get at. I also decided to ask Bing to write me a poem about the Coast Guard, in the style of Charles Dickens (of course). Pleasantly suprised!

If you have any feedback, please reach out!